Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doggie Series-Di Di

hi there,

recently i have met a lot of dogs-cute one, interesting one, long one, short one, noisy one, and etc.... so i decided to blog about them. hehe...let's start a "doggie series" shall we?hehe...

first of all, let's start with the one outside my room. the not so noisy and quiet one. the chi hua hua-Di Di. it's a he, hehhee....and it's not mine, it's my housemate's.

here's the pics:

introducing Di Di.....i tried to ask, tempt, force him to look into the camera, but he still wants to pose like that. he thinks like that is cool....

here's the other snap, actually i took when the owner is not around. shhh......hehe..