Thursday, May 20, 2010


Few friends of mine were sort of addicted to mangosteen juice ever since the drinks stall was opened in my university’s café one year ago. They all said the juice was so original and it actually defeated some popular drinks like coke and Sprite. I tried it once or twice, and I actually find it interesting and healthy and it actually did not contain much sugar or the natural glucose sweetness.

Since then, a friend who is very business minded suggested to commercialize the product. One of his suggestions actually involved the concept of mlm businesses. He was indeed a creative and practical person that he actually developed the concept and the system by his own.

At first, most of us were very excited about his business plan as from his explanation, we found it very practical and feasible. Thus, we actually planned to approach the owner of the stall and shared our plan with him. The owner was not convinced at first. However he was very interested in expanding his business and he actually liked my friend’s idea. He requested the friend to develop the ideas further.

It has been quite some time since the last meeting with the owner, and I am sure my friend has already finished his business idea and we surely hope it will become a success before all of us are graduated!

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