Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dessert Time

After the lunch the other day in Cheras, we proceed on with our desserts! guess where we went?

the mini tart in Prince Garden Neighborhood (Tai Zhi Yuan)

any idea how the egg tarts are made? It's made of flour and egg yolk.

the end result. RM0.60 each. not bad huh?

this is the original egg flavour

this is with coconut fillings

coconut fillings

and of course, cendol! RM2.50 each!

Ice Kacang, RM2.50 as well.

It's delicious, next time if you are going, look for this stall for the Ice Kacang and Cendol! :)

So much for just an afternoon huh? :)


reanaclaire said...

Next time take us there, Gab!!

Clint said...

Wow! Great pics of some really good-looking food. You're making my mouth water...

Gabriel said...

Aunty Claire: sure! I hope i remember the road. hahha...

Clint: thanks! your corn bread and cheese are making me drool too! haha...