Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fraser Hill

Before continuing to my Scotland trip pics, lets explore some places in Malaysia. :) 

It was a very special weekend and I decided to go up to Fraser Hill for a break. I have been hearing a lot about Fraser Hill but haven't had the chance to go yet. So this time around, finally I was up there! :D

The journey up was very tiring and nauseating because of the windy road. But after reaching up there I think it was worth it! :D It was a very peaceful and green place to be. Great place to relax and chill. 

on the way to the waterfall. 

Before the waterfall....

Waterfall from above

After the waterfall is another small man made control the water level i guess?

The natural waterfall..

some random pic...haha

view from the room

some scenery from the resort that we stayed in, Fraser's Silverpark Resort, quite a good place. 

I like this one. :D

Allan's of the attractions there..

That's me...after growing bigger size. LOL.

More pics of the recreational park...quite serene. :)

That's all from the trip. We stayed in the Silverpark Resort for RM184 per night for a Studio Room, i think good for 4 people. The room came with 2 pax of breakfast, which i think is a good deal. :)


reanaclaire said...

I never been there before.. nice place.. very quiet?

wenn said...

been there many years ago when I was in college. Guess I need to go there again.

Gabriel said...

Aunty Claire: yeah...very quiet. hehe..

Wenn: yeap, you should!

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